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7 reasons to trust us

Why choose our distance language training method?

Our individualised language training method guarantees a rapid and operational increase in language skills.

Our flexible, targeted and made to measure training courses really meet the needs, expectations and constraints of companies and employees.

At last a method that really allows you to progress

1 . 12 languages to choose from

English, German, Spanish, French as a foreign language (FLE), Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Luxembourgish, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Russian.

2 . 100% situational and operational pedagogy

To promote knowledge by working on everyday situations in a professional context.

3 . Targeted, made to measure and progressive training programmes

Based on jobs, industry sectors, levels, and specific needs.

4 . Content and an adaptive approach

Educational materials and interactive e-learning resources developed in-house adapted by level.

Learners can use personal documents by sharing them with the trainer to meet specific needs in real time.

5 . The trainers

All native speakers, qualified, bilingual (for beginners), certified with experience in the business world and a command of professional vocabulary.

6 . Flexibility

  • 30 minute or 1 hour training sessions – 24/7

  • Lessons on landlines or mobile phones, Skype and Visio conference

  • Various modalities (individual lessons, group lessons in virtual classes, e-learning, and blended-learning)

  • Bookings up to 30 minutes before the start of the session

  • Cancellations up to 1 hour before the start of the session

  • Online access to the platform and e-learning, 24/7, on PCs, smartphones and tablets

7. Monitoring and LMS platform

Ergonomic and intuitive, with two dedicated spaces for full peace of mind.

The learner space: access language audits and lesson reports, programme definition and progress monitoring, session booking and/or cancellation, attendance sheets, satisfaction ratings, e-learning, and more.

The manager space: real-time monitoring of all training courses with a list of all learners, language audits, programmes and progress, attendance statistics, satisfaction ratings, monthly progress sheets, and more.