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Group lessons

Virtual classes: virtual face-to-face sessions in synchronous and dynamic Social Learning mode!

Communicating internationally in a group dynamic is essential for any company in our globalised world!

Virtual classes focus on the practice of oral expression and listening comprehension.

They improve the ability to communicate effectively in a group in a foreign language and promote memory fixation!

The ideal addition to individual training courses

Virtual classes are specific theme based and follow an innovative and motivating approach in a virtual face-to-face context in synchronous mode.

Native trainers use a variety of activities and ensure the active involvement of each and every participant.

3 types of facilitation around 125 themes (sales, environment, human resources, health, finance, marketing, technology, import/export, management, tourism, etc.):

  • Job themes: group interaction promoting skills acquisition transferable in professional context

  • Debates: group discussion to promote the interaction of participants on a given topic

  • Video debates: videos followed by a debate and a variety of activities to promote interaction

Virtual classes

The options

Virtual classes are offered as part of a limited access or an unlimited access package and delivered:

  • inter-company (participants from several companies)

  • intra-company (participants from one company only)

 The perks

  • associate digital tools to educational resources and a situational approach

  • a motivating and innovative approach in Social Learning

  • the acquisition and consolidation of language abilities within a group

  • a durable transfer of skills and the facilitation of public speaking