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Our LMS platform

Our innovative language learning platform

1to1PROGRESS developed its Learning Management System (LMS) to guarantee smooth distance language training.

A powerful learning tool

Our 24/7 LMS platform is the perfect tool for distance language training.

No prior download is required and several browsers are supported (Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer).

Access to 2 interfaces: Learner space and Manager space!

Learner Space

Learners can:

  • choose a training programme

  • book and/or cancel lessons

  • consult language audits and lesson reports

  • give feedback

  • access e-learning educational resources

  • sign attendance sheets electronically and review administrative documents

  • and much more

Our “click and sign” attendance sheets are simple, intuitive and paperless!

Platform learner space

Book a lesson

Manager Space

Managers benefit from real-time follow-up and can access:

  • the list of all learners registered

  • language audits and training programmes

  • real time progress and attendance statistics

  • learner satisfaction ratings

  • monthly attendance sheets and other administrative documents

  • and much more with personalisation options