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Employees, job seekers

Finance your language training effectively

We will help you find the training offer that best suits your needs and your budget.

We can help you set up adequate financing for your training programmes.

Support every step of the way

1to1PROGRESS supports you every step of the way so your project shapes up in the best conditions.

Our Training Consultants put their expertise at your service to:

  • Define your language training project based on your industry sector, level, objectives, constraints and finances

  • Simplify the administrative procedures when setting up your project and following it up

Our Customer Service Coaches will listen to you, assist you and motivate you throughout your training.

Our trainers will adapt to your needs and level and put their know-how at your service.

An effective method to boost your skills

Whether you are an employee or a job seeker, we have an offer made for you!

Our flexibility guarantees learning in the best conditions.

The ergonomic and intuitive LMS platform facilitates your training and allows real time progress follow-up.

Take advantage of our online learning resources with unlimited access to innovative e-learning, available 24/7.

An asset for your professional career

Developing language skills is a real asset for everyone’s professional career!

Speaking or writing in a foreign language at work has become essential with the internationalisation of companies and jobs. At 1to1PROGRESS training courses are 100% business-oriented.

Whatever your industry sector and job (bank broker, real estate salesman, aeronautical engineer…) we have a made to measure offer for you.

Are you looking for a job?

Augment your chances of being recruited by indicating your language skills on your CV!

1to1PROGRESS delivers full, comprehensive and accurate language audits (level assessment of oral and written skills).

Language audit results are correlated with the official CEFR scale (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

A language training certificate will be issued to you so that you can attach it to your CV!