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We have a variety of partners: language training centres, employment or other industry sector players.

They chose us for our qualitative approach, our expertise and a mutual desire to establish a win-win relationship!

Language training centres

They chose 1to1PROGRESS to develop their language training offer with a distance/blended learning solution:

The CEL network (Centres d’Étude de Langues) represents 100 centres in France affiliated to the CCI (Chambers of Commerce and Industry).


King’s Training, a language training centre based in Madrid, Spain.

LOGO-King’s Training

Our corporate partners

Cadremploi is the leading recruitment site for executives and managers in France. It offers executives the key services required for a successful job search. We give executives the opportunity to test their language skills and assess their level also supporting them in their career plans by developing their language skills.



BPI (Public Investment Bank) supports companies to think bigger and further. 1to1PROGRESS grants premium members personalised support in assessing their language level and preferential conditions to develop their language skills.


Other partners

AFP (Agence France Presse):

1to1PROGRESS offers quality educational resources! Our partnership with AFP grants learners access to “My media” which contains worldwide current affairs articles and videos in various languages.


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