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A full, accurate and comprehensive language level assessment

Make the most of the 1to1PROGRESS language audit.


Available in 7 languages: English, French as a foreign language (FLE), German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Dutch.


The level of communication in foreign languages assessment allows to:

  • define specific and individualised training programmes

  • verify the skills of candidates in the recruitment process

  • check the level of employees in the context of internal promotions

  • obtain a detailed overview of employee levels with regard to the company strategy

Language audits are proposed with or without training following the assessment.

The perks:

  • 100% distance training, no logistical constraints

  • Results available online within 24 hours

  • Results expressed in CEFR levels*

  • Personalised recommendations

The language audit gives an accurate assessment of the 4 language abilities required to master a foreign language:

  • Written comprehension

  • Written expression

  • Oral comprehension

  • Oral expression

The sub-categories innate to these skills (vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation) are detailed with precision.

The steps

  • a written evaluation (online MCQ – 20 minutes) to analyse the level of reading comprehension and written expression

  • an oral evaluation (over the phone with a native trainer – 30 minutes) to assess the level of oral comprehension and oral expression

 Level certificate

A level certificate is issued in addition to the language audit.

* (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, A1 to C2)