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8 reasons to learn a language online

Are you torn between face-to-face and distance learning? Today we’d like to take a look at the advantages of online language learning. Flexibility, possibility of language immersion, easy access to trainers and resources… There are plenty […]

How to succeed in your job interview in English?

A job interview in English can be a stressful experience. So let’s take a look at what recruiters expect, the most common questions asked during an interview and the vocabulary you need to know in order to deal with this situation comfortably. […]

4 differences between Brazilian and European Portuguese

Are you starting to learn Portuguese? Before choosing between its European or Brazilian version, you might want to know their main differences. Let’s take a look at 4 of the main aspects that vary between […]

When can you say that you are fluent in a language?

Have you been learning a foreign language for a few months or a few years? Do you consider yourself to be a speaker of this language? Chances are, you will answer no to this question. This is because it […]

Using polite expressions in English: it couldn’t be easier!

Professional or personal letters, emails… Polite expressions are commonplace in writing. While in French we sometimes use complex expressions, polite expressions in English are much simpler. However, there are certain subtleties you should be aware of […]

5 games to learn a language in a fun way

As the summer holidays approach, you don’t always feel like burying yourself into your language books. However, it’s best to keep in touch with your target language, even when you’re on holiday. Fortunately, there are […]