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10 typical expressions in the language of Molière related to food

In France, gastronomy is sacred! Home to the Michelin guide, the baguette and the birthplace of nearly 1,200 cheeses (1), food is an integral part of France’s heritage. It is therefore not surprising that it […]

Learning two languages simultaneously: a working memory booster ?

Language aptitude and working memory are two essential skills in learning a second language. Previously thought to be static, it seems that these skills can improve during the learning process. A 2020 study published in […]

What is a lingua franca and what is it used for ?

Learning a foreign language means acquiring a new communication tool that allows us to interact with people from all over the world. When two people with different mother tongues use a third language to communicate, […]

Know the difficulties of English to better overcome them.

English has a reputation for being an easy language. It is true that its similarity to French and its simple grammar might lead one to believe that it is easy to learn. But it should […]

Recruitment, pay, expatriation: which languages are worth learning in 2022 ?

Foreign languages can be a real springboard for employment. This has been proven by a survey conducted by the Ukrainian company Preply (1). In this study, 1.5 million job offers posted on the Adzuna website […]

Learning the 100 most common words in a language: is it really useful?

If you want to learn a language, memorising vocabulary is a must. You may have found many lists of the 100 most common words in your target language on the web. But can you really […]