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Using digital technology to help people in distance learning: success guaranteed!

Do your employees find it difficult to complete their training? This is probably due to the feeling of isolation, which is common in an all-digital training? Or perhaps they experience a lack of flexibility in […]

New: Integrated video conferencing to enhance the learning experience

For a long time, distance learning has been in search of humanisation and interactivity for more efficiency and pleasure in learning. Today, this is a reality! Video conferencing solutions can be used as interactive and […]

The magic technique to improve your speaking skills

Does the idea of having a discussion in a foreign language with a native speaker make you cringe? Do you lack the confidence to express yourself in English or any other language? All you need […]

7 tips for successfully preparing for the TOEIC

Would you like to take the TOEIC? You’re right to do so! It is THE reference test for anyone who wants to improve their level of English. A good score in this exam can open […]

Teleworking in Europe: an overview (06/01/2022)

Following recent government announcements, you and your employees are probably among the 60% of people who will be teleworking more.  What if you took advantage of this period to boost distance language training in your […]

Which languages were most popular with learners in 2021?

The well-known language-learning application Duolingo recently published its report on language learning trends around the world. Although at 1to1PROGRESS, we are not too fond of this type of application (we prefer our learners to have […]