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Blended training

Learn a foreign language with our blended learning training

With 1to1PROGRESS you can mix different learning methods to meet with your needs and constraints!

Our made to measure blended learning training offer is the perfect measure of human and digital!

Combine phone lessons and e-learning for a full and comprehensive training

Different combinations possible with various modalities:

  • Individual distance lessons

  • Distance group lessons in virtual classes

  • E-learning modules

  • Microlearning

An LMS platform to support you 100%

Enjoy language learning with our interactive e-learning and our intuitive platform.

Access over 3,000 educational resources, including a multitude of exercises (unlimited access, 24/7 on PCs, smartphones and tablets) in the virtual library

Immerse yourself in your target language with My Media (videos and articles).

Configure your learning settings with the Microlearning tool.