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Increase your international competitiveness with our method

Do you want to strengthen your international competitiveness?

Are you looking for a made to measure solution adapted to your constraints and those of your employees?

Our situational pedagogy and the flexibility of our offers will meet your expectations!

Assess the language level of your employees or future recruits

A language audit will help you map internal skills, target each employee’s needs, and identify training actions adapted to your company.

The language audit process will

  • help you validate the skills of future recruits,
  • check the level of employees in the context of internal promotions,
  • give you an overview of your company strategy.

Opt for quality language training for your employees

Our training courses are 100% individualised with made to measure training programmes based on the needs and level of each individual.

Our pedagogy is 100% situational and based on communication situations encountered in a professional environment.

Each training course promotes a rapid and operational increase in language abilities, adapted to your strategic needs.

Satisfaction in terms of ROI and ROE

Training is an important development lever for your company. You need an offer that guarantees qualitative and quantitative results.

Look no further! We have exactly what you need!

1to1PROGRESS provides you with the necessary tools to monitor training in real time with a dedicated Manager Space on the LMS platform.

A language audit at the end of the training will verify the increase in skills of your employees and your return on investment.

1to1PROGRESS: a proven solution

Each customer is unique and deserves special attention and appropriate expertise!

Our Training Consultants pay particular attention to offering individualised, flexible and effective solutions.

Our expertise and experience enabled us to win the trust of many companies with their language training projects.