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Discover our latest product: the “Brit-tooth”!

Wireless tooth

Learn English with our revolutionary connected tooth

Ever had a grudge against English and dreamt of finding a drastic way to master English perfectly and promptly?

We have THE solution: “The Brit-Tooth”!

Discover our Brit-Tooth: a wireless tooth that instantly translates everything you say in conversations where you have to speak English!

With the Brit-Tooth, the right words will always be on the tip of your tongue and you will express yourself like a true native!

This new tooth will give your English the polished royal enamel treatment you need!

Available in all languages taught within the limits of available stocks (different colours offered).


Of course all this is just an April fool’s day joke 😉

There is no miracle solution to learn a foreign language, apart from practicing, practicing some more, and practicing further… So keep at it, and take lessons with 1to1PROGRESS!