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Did you know that your favourite actors can act as English trainers?

During your sessions with 1to1PROGRESS you are learning a whole new array of business related vocabulary, phrases and typical expressions. Why not turn to actors between your lessons to further improve? They can help you get comfortable with what you have learnt in context!

My favourite “corporate themed” movies and series will help you practice your listening skills, and if you turn the subtitles on your reading skills will improve too! But remember, you can’t just watch the movie for this to work; you have to study it for the method to be really effective.

Movies and series to improve your business English

Here are some great movies and series to improve your business English!

There are plenty more films and series that you can watch to improve your language skills, but I’m sure that you have some ideas of your own. All you need to do now is draw up a list and carve out the time to settle down and learn…

Melanie Hall – 1to1PROGRESS Educational Manager