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1to1PROGRESS is partnering with Donate an Hour

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1to1PROGRESS is partnering with Donate an Hour to make a difference that matters in the lives of young children. As a part of this CSR activity, language trainers from 1to1PROGRESS are focusing on improving the often very basic English level of under privileged students. With regular training sessions involving classroom teaching, group activities, games and roleplays, the trainers are very much making the concept of “Learn with Fun” come to life. In this symbiotic experience, they are devoting their time and skills on a voluntary basis to help children grow in life, a selfless deed giving them a great sense of pride in themselves and their organisation while giving back to the community.

1to1PROGRESS has always firmly believed in making a difference, whether through personalised language trainings for corporates located worldwide or CSR trainings for the less fortunate. People are what matters most to us and we strive to give all partners the respect, the care and the value which we all so deserve. So come, be a part of our family and experience the change.