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6 good reasons you should learn English

Do you want to find a job or grow careerwise? Are you a keen traveller? Are you inquisitive by nature? If you answered yes to at least one of these three queries, then it’s most likely time for you to (re)start learning English. English is THE international language par excellence and undoubtedly an asset that can be valuable to you, both professionally and personally. If you’re still unsure about why you should learn English, here are six very good and convincing reasons to start learning now.

1. To boost your career with the language of business

It’s no secret that English is the language of business. If there’s one language to help you boost your career, it’s definitely this one! It is the language most sought-after by most employers, far ahead of German or even Spanish.

In a highly competitive and globalised context, it is difficult to imagine being able to grow in the workplace without at least having a basic command of English.

Speaking the language of Shakespeare can unlock many doors and provide you with professional opportunities such as:

  • landing your dream job;
  • a better salary ;
  • a promotion ;
  • international career prospects;
  • etc.

Besides, you will be required to speak English if you are applying for a job in international trade, tourism, transport, telecoms and Internet, aeronautics, and many other sectors!

2. To communicate with (almost) everybody

More than just a business language, English is also and above all what is known as a vehicular language. This means that two people with different mother tongues will tend to use English to communicate with one another.

Not only is speaking English is key to forging relationships with people from all walks of life. It is the official language of over 50 different countries. If we combine people who speak English as a native language and those who speak it as a second language, English is quite simply the most commonly used language in the entire world.

So to have a command of English implies being part of a worldwide community of more than a billion speakers with whom it is possible to interact. In other words, if you like to chat, you’ll always find someone to talk to!

6 good reasons you should learn English

3. To travel with peace of mind

Far too many French natives who intend to travel abroad renounce it because of the language barrier. The fear of not being understood and of finding oneself in awkward situations due to language-related issues seems to be an overwhelming hurdle.

What if learning English could make your dream trip come true? It’s a great way to break free of boundaries and language barriers, whatever your choice of destination. Asking for directions, booking a hotel room, being understood by the waiter at the restaurant, and even seeing a physician? It all gets much easier when you speak English.

4. To gain insight into artworks and various materials

Songs, books, films and scientific articles, many works and materials are produced in the language of Shakespeare. While some are translated, this is not always the case.

So why learn English? To gain access to a wealth of culture and information that only English speakers can fully comprehend! If you are naturally inquisitive, if you love art or if you like to be in touch with international affairs, then English is a language you can’t live without.

Besides, to be completely honest, it’s much more enjoyable to watch your favourite series on TV in their original version, right ?

5. To pump up your brain power

Did you know that learning a foreign language is beneficial for your brain ? Another good reason to learn English!

Learning a second language, at any age, can actually strengthen your brain. The multiple benefits are:

  • improved cerebral network;
  • reduced neurological ageing;
  • later onset of pathologies such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

In short, learning English, or any other language, is the ticket to a healthier, more alert brain for the longer term.!

6. Why learn English? For the sheer pleasure of it!

What? Learning a language for fun? That’s right! Even if you think you’re “not cut out for languages”, you can still have fun while learning English!

Having doubts? That’s what a study published in 2014 by German and Spanish researchers demonstrated. They analyzed the brains of volunteers as they learned new words.

The findings are irrefutable: learning a language stimulates the ventral striatum (the centre of reward), as does eating sweets, making love or being under the influence of drugs. So are you ready to get addicted to learning English?

What do you think? Find out more about our training courses in English and several other languages!