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Practice makes perfect

It goes without saying that effective language learning requires practice. But what exactly is the right practice to become proficient in a foreign language?

Evidently, you can practice doing grammar exercises, you can practice repeating sentences; you can practice learning vocabulary, etc… But, none of this will suffice because not all types of practice will get you to fluency.

At 1to1PROGRESS, we firmly believe that the best kind of practice by far is to USE the language; more so when the use is based on your individual needs and personal interests. This is the only way you will integrate the skill into your emotions, into your thoughts and into your beliefs… In other words, the only way you will retain what you learnt and attain your end game!

Language practice with native 1to1PROGRESS trainers works wonders; whether you take 30 minute or 1 hour long lessons regularly and at regular intervals. You’ll develop relationships with your trainers, stimulating pleasure, increasing motivation and ultimately giving noticeable results!

Of course, more practice between lessons won’t hurt, quite the opposite actually! All it takes is 10 minutes a day to make a real difference. Learning a foreign language is a sensory experience; so embrace your senses!

Podcasts are great to get your daily dose of essential listening practice. They give you exposure to the language as it is really spoken, help you build your vocabulary and have a positive influence on your pronunciation. Some good podcasts in English are:

​Reading an online newspaper is an excellent way to get some well needed written comprehension practice. Scrolling down the virtual pages of a digital magazine about a topic you like, such as wildlife, art and entertainment will help you learn new words, typical expressions and turns of phrases. Here are some of our favourite reads:

You could also be a trend-setter by starting a “coffee break chat” group with colleagues. Sparking conversations are a great way to improve your linguistic skills!

So, what are you waiting for to book your next lesson to practice the use of the language you are learning?