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New: Integrated video conferencing to enhance the learning experience

For a long time, distance learning has been in search of humanisation and interactivity for more efficiency and pleasure in learning. Today, this is a reality! Video conferencing solutions can be used as interactive and educational tools.

Indeed, video conferencing recreates the conditions of a real “face to face” meeting, at a distance, to boost the synchronous learning process. This format allows for oral and written progress and has many advantages: human contact, immersive teaching, screen sharing, chat, etc.

Ten years ago, 1to1PROGRESS chose to offer 100% distance learning and has never stopped optimising the learning experience for learners!

This is why 1to1PROGRESS presents to you today:

Integrated video conferencing

A new format for attending individual lessons by video, directly from the learning platform.

integrated video conferencing

A real asset to make learning a smooth and unique experience

This new tool optimises the learning process by allowing learners to book a lesson, do e-learning exercises and attend a lesson via the integrated video, all within the same interface. An optimised learning experience and an even more intuitive platform for regular and effective learning.

  • Facilitates learning
  • Harmonises the training environment
  • Improves the experience (easier to use, no installation required, available on computer and mobile)
  • Maximises engagement and therefore the success of the training

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