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The 6 best series for learning Spanish

Have you recently started learning the language of Cervantes? With your 1to1PROGRESS trainer, you have everything you need to progress quickly. But if you want to go a little further and improve your oral comprehension, here’s a “complementary exercise” that you should enjoy: watching series in their original language. In this article, we take a look at 6 series that are really worth watching, to learn Spanish. Don’t worry, there’s something for everyone!

1. La Casa de Papel: a must-see!

Of course, we had to start this list with this little gem from Netflix. La Casa de Papel is about one of the most famous heists of the century: the robbery of the national mint in Madrid. The 8 robbers, recruited by the mysterious “Professor”, the mastermind of the operation, aim to collect as much money as possible without causing any casualties. Will they succeed?

  • Suitable for: People looking for a thrilling series who want to improve their everyday Spanish and their knowledge of slang.
  • Accent: Spanish (Spain)
  • Episodes: 48 (5 seasons)
  • Where to find it? On Netflix

2. Las chicas del cable: a series to learn Spanish and the history of Madrid in the 1920s

Follow the daily life of 4 young female switchboard operators working for the Madrid telephone company. Through them, you will discover the history of Spanish women between the two wars and their quest for emancipation.

  • Suitable for: Fans of historical series who will find ultra-realistic settings and costumes. If you are not a fan of history, you will still enjoy the adventures of the four protagonists and their feminist struggle.
  • Accent: Spanish (Spain)
  • Episodes: 42 (5 seasons)
  • Where to find it? On Netflix

3. Apache, la vida de Carlos Tevez: an Argentinian biopic

Carlos Tevez is a young boy from a poor and dangerous neighbourhood of Ciudadela, not far from Buenos Aires. If you’re a football fan, his name may ring a bell… Indeed, this little football prodigy would later become a real star of the Argentinian national team. This series is about the childhood of this great champion in the making.

  • Suitable for: Fans of sports, biopics or simply those who want to familiarise themselves with Argentinian Spanish.
  • Accent: Spanish (Argentina)
  • Episodes: 8 (1 season)
  • Where to find it? On Netflix

4. Cómo sobrevivir soltero: a series made in Mexico

Sebastian, an actor who thought he had found the love of his life, discovers that his girlfriend, with whom he has been in a relationship for 10 years, is unfaithful. Shaken up and newly single, he has to learn to cope with life on his own again. All his friends encourage him to meet new people and flood him with advice that is not always very helpful.

  • Suitable for: This series will appeal to fans of modern, offbeat romantic comedies.
  • Accent: Spanish (Mexico)
  • Episodes: 10 (1 season; season 2 coming soon)
  • Where to find it? On Amazon Prime

5. El Presidente: about the FIFA Gate scandal

The president of a small Chilean football club emerges from the shadows to become the cornerstone of an international scandal involving senior FIFA figures. This is a fast-paced, comic series that is well worth watching. Even if you don’t know anything about sport, you’ll be drawn into the story of this anti-hero who makes his way in an ultra-corrupt world. Critics even compare El Presidente to the series Narcos, but in “football version”.

  • Suitable for: Fans of series inspired by true events and all those who like to take a look behind the scenes of an international scandal.
  • Accent: Spanish (Chile / Argentina)
  • Episodes: 16 (2 seasons)
  • Where to find it? On Amazon Prime

6. Alta mar: a thrilling Spanish series

In the 1940s, a luxury liner sails between Spain and Brazil. On board are many passengers, including two sisters, a handsome officer… and a mysterious killer. His victim is a woman unknown to the other passengers and who is not listed in the passenger list. The investigation is launched!

  • Suitable for: Anyone who enjoys suspense, spy stories and Agatha Christie-like intrigue.
  • Accent: Spanish (Spain)
  • Episodes: 22 (3 seasons)
  • Where to find it? On Netflix

With this selection of series to learn Spanish, you will probably find the one you’d like to watch and that will boost your oral comprehension. To go further, you can also get inspiration from the advice in our article: How to improve your Spanish easily?