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Using digital technology to help people in distance learning: success guaranteed!

Do your employees find it difficult to complete their training? This is probably due to the feeling of isolation, which is common in an all-digital training? Or perhaps they experience a lack of flexibility in face-to-face training? As an HR or training manager, you would like to provide them with a distance language training offer that really uses digital technology to help people and not the other way round. 1to1PROGRESS can help you find that perfect solution…

The benefits of digital technology in distance learning

In your business, you probably have trouble finding THE right language training for your employees. Face-to-face courses are often too expensive and not flexible enough to adapt to your teams’ needs. 

Distance learning seems to be the best solution! There are many advantages for both your company and your employees.

For you:

  • optimised training time: your employees do not waste time travelling to the training centre, for example;
  • the possibility of personalising the training: focusing on specific skills for each learner;
  • transparent, real-time management and monitoring using appropriate tools;
  • the training continues, irrespective of the conditions (including lockdown or confinement);
  • etc.

Eventually, with employees trained in foreign languages, your company will benefit in terms of productivity and adaptability. We recommend that you read our article: Employers: boost your turnover with a multilingual staff!

For your employees:

  • flexibility in training;
  • no logistical constraints;
  • easy access to a multitude of resources using digital tools;
  • etc.

All-digital: a misconception?

While digital technology has many advantages, it is not the only option for effective language training. All-digital also has its flaws.

First of all, a language is learned through practice.
While your employees can easily learn academic and theoretical concepts via e-learning, it is a completely different story when it comes to applying this knowledge, particularly in a professional context! 

Also, the risk of dropping out is greater with all-digital training.
The reason for this? The lack of human assistance. Learners do not have a dedicated contact person, and therefore do not know who to contact if they have any doubts or questions.

Finally, we should bear in mind that human beings develop through dialogue and interactions with others.
This is particularly true in the context of training, where the feeling of solitude and isolation behind a screen can become a real demotivating factor.

How does digital technology help people in language training?

Rest assured that some experienced training organisations, such as 1to1PROGRESS, have understood perfectly well, that in order to overcome the shortcomings of digital technology, the human factor must remain a core element in distance language training.

How does this work in practice? The idea is to (re)integrate digital tools with the human factor. 

In our language training courses, your employees are guided by real people. And we provide them with a whole range of digital tools so that they can provide this guidance at a distance, and in a way that is as flexible as possible for your employees.

Each learner is assisted by:

A training consultant: he works with your employees to find the best learning solution, according to their needs and your company’s expectations.

He will also help you identify training issues and, if necessary, advise you on financing options. 

A coach: from familiarising them with the tools, such as the language learning platform, to the follow-up of learners through to the end of their training: he ensures that everyone is motivated!

Their role is to prevent learners from dropping out of the course by acting as a dedicated contact person for your employees.

An experienced trainer who is a native speaker of the language he teaches: with 1to1PROGRESS, your employees benefit from a real trainer!

The trainer carefully selects teaching resources adapted to the needs and level of each learner for a personalised and motivating learning programme.

Our white paper: 7 key points to help you find the right distance learning

Finding the right balance between the human and digital aspects in distance learning language training requires real experience and an increased knowledge of learning mechanisms. 

At 1to1PROGRESS, we have been breaking down the barriers of all-digital learning for more than 10 years, in order to make learning meaningful for your employees. And our statistics prove us right: 99.7% of our learners are satisfied*! 

We have compiled everything that we have learned about the human and digital aspects of language training in a white paper that you can download for free.

In this paper, you will find 7 concrete tips on how to find “the” course that will appeal to your employees as well as meet your company’s requirements.

* Satisfaction rate, satisfied or very satisfied, on 28,408 lessons evaluated since 1st January 2020