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What are the true benefits of distance language learning?

If you’ve already decided to take up a language training course, but still don’t know whether to do this face-to-face or remotely, this article will help you make your mind up. We tell you about […]

Is language learning more challenging for adults?

Popular belief suggests that it is no longer possible to acquire a foreign language after a certain age… Or, at least, that it’s harder than during childhood. Is learning a language as an adult really […]

6 good reasons you should learn English

Do you want to find a job or grow careerwise? Are you a keen traveller? Are you inquisitive by nature? If you answered yes to at least one of these three queries, then it’s most […]

5 top tips to highlight your language level on your CV

Well done on recently completing a language training course with 1to1PROGRESS! Don’t waste any time to make the most of your new skills and to put them to good use. Start by updating your language […]

Blended Learning decoded

What’s Blended Learning? If you’re interested in distance learning, you’ve no doubt already heard about blended learning. Behind these two words lie innovative training solutions greatly beneficial to learners, thanks to a smart mix of […]

Motivation in Distance Learning: how to find the ideal language training?

When choosing a distance language training course, nothing should be left to chance! Why? Because, the wrong choice would result in your embarking on a training course that will not ensure your commitment. Result: lack […]