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What is French as a Foreign Language?

You have probably noticed that at 1to1PROGRESS we teach more than just English. Among our range of training courses are also Spanish, Italian, German… and even FLE! This acronym stands for French as a Foreign […]

Which languages are the easiest to learn?

You have probably already asked yourself this question if you are planning to learn a new language. Which languages are the easiest to learn? English and Spanish, for instance, are allegedly easy languages. But what […]

5 Golden rules to transcend the intermediate language learning stage

Feel like you’re no longer making progress despite studying another language for several months? If your language learning seems to have come to a standstill in spite of your best efforts, don’t worry, this is […]

Tips to improve your English pronunciation

You may know the grammar rules to perfection, have a broad and wide-ranging vocabulary, but not have the nerve to speak English. This is often due to lack of confidence brought on by poor pronunciation. […]

Sleep and learn a language: fact or fiction?

You have to admit, the possibility of learning a language in your sleep, without having to spend time on lessons or exercises, sounds like a dream! In recent years, several studies have been carried out […]

Practice makes perfect

It goes without saying that effective language learning requires practice. But what exactly is the right practice to become proficient in a foreign language?Evidently, you can practice doing grammar exercises, you can practice repeating sentences; you can practice […]