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How to choose your Spanish course?

Do you want to learn an internationally recognised language other than English? With more than 400 million native speakers, and twenty or so Spanish-speaking countries, Spanish will meet your expectations. There are hundreds of training […]

How to improve your Spanish easily?

Although Spanish is considered an easy language, it is not free of pitfalls. Would you like to know how to pronounce rolled “r”s perfectly? Would you like to stop tearing your hair out over the use of […]

Travelling abroad: a necessary step in learning a language?

«Travelling abroad broadens the mind», but does it also shape our language learning? Of course, immersion in a foreign country is always a valuable experience. But in the digital age and Covid-19 era, is it necessary to travel to learn a […]

Becoming bilingual: Why? How? How quickly?

Do you dream of becoming bilingual? It is true that knowing how to express yourself in another language than your mother tongue is a real asset. Whether it be for professional or personal reasons, knowing […]

How many languages are there in the world?

250? 1,000? Or more?… Do you know how many languages are spoken around the world? To be honest, even experts don’t really know. Some say that there are about 5,000 different languages while others claim that there […]

Practising your English at work: 4 simple and effective techniques

At last! You have finally embarked on that English training you needed. Thanks to the lessons and advice of your trainer, you hope to reach your target level quickly. To improve even faster, you can also continue working on your English in between […]