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Learning two languages at the same time without getting them mixed up: challenge accepted!

You have decided to learn two languages at the same time, either out of necessity or because you wish to. You’ve set yourself a great challenge! But don’t worry, with proper planning and a few […]

Overcoming the fear of speaking a foreign language: causes and solutions

Stammering, cold sweats, clammy hands… Are you terrified of having a discussion in a foreign language? You are not alone in facing what is commonly called “a mental block” in speaking. The language teaching system […]

Which language certification is right for you?

A language course can help you obtain a certification. TOEIC, DCL, LILATE… There are many options available and it can be confusing. To determine which language test to choose, there are several criteria to take […]

Google Translate: just a “gadget” or a real language learning tool?

With more than one billion downloads, Google Translate is certainly the most widely used translation application in the world. It allows you to instantly translate words and even entire sentences into dozens of different languages. […]

How many words do you need to know to speak a language well?

300, 2,000, 11,000, all the words in the dictionary? How many words do you need to know to speak a language? This is a legitimate question and one that many learners ask themselves. Some linguists […]

Social Learning: definition and implications

Whether you work in management, or as a HR manager or even a training manager, you see it every day in your job: the field of training is evolving at a frantic pace. New learning […]