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Is an A2 level good enough for online language training?

If you cannot travel to a training centre but would like to learn a language, then distance learning is the right option for you. However, you might be wondering if your current level is good […]

Boost your professional English with these 4 tips!

Have you ever struggled to understand a client’s email, the terms of a contract or a conversation with one of your suppliers in English? Don’t worry, this is normal, even if you have a good […]

Why practise a foreign language every day… and how to do it (well)?

If you are a regular reader of the 1to1PROGRESS blog, you know that we consider regularity to be one of the keys to success in learning a language. But why is practising a language every […]

Learning Russian: a fitness course or an obstacle course?

If you were asked to rank the most difficult languages to learn, Russian would certainly be in your top ten, right? It’s true: you have to get used to the Cyrillic alphabet and understand grammar […]

Learn Arabic the easy way with these 7 tips

88 weeks. That’s how long it takes to learn to speak Arabic well, according to the Foreign Service Institute. It must be said that this language has a reputation of being difficult: alphabet, pronunciation… everything […]

6 reasons why you should learn Mandarin Chinese

Why learn Chinese? Because you won’t regret it (especially if you start with 1to1PROGRESS!) In addition to having over a billion speakers, Mandarin can open many doors for you, whether it’s to boost your career […]