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Learning a new language makes your brain perform better!

Are you afraid of having short memory lapses? Would you like to preserve your brainpower? We have a solution for you: learn one (or more) language(s). Various studies have shown that speaking at least two […]

4 reasons to start learning Italian from tomorrow

Just over 5%. That’s the percentage of French people who speak Italian. Considered less useful than English, Spanish or German, the language of our transalpine neighbours seems to suffer from a certain lack of interest. […]

How to start learning a language? 4 things you need to know

Learning a new language is never easy. No matter how motivated you are, you don’t know where to start to get a good grounding. English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch… whatever language you choose, there are simple […]

What is the best age to learn a language according to MIT researchers?

It is often said that you have to learn a foreign language at an early age to have a chance to speak it as well as your mother tongue. It is true that when it […]

How can you measure your progress in language learning?

Learning a language is often compared to running a marathon. It requires constant effort over a long period of time. While it is easy to measure your performance in running (a simple stopwatch is enough), […]

Learning a new language: 7 tips from a polyglot

Learning a new language is always a challenge. It requires a lot of perseverance and motivation. The good news is that you are not alone in this challenge. Many people have also taken on unknown […]