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All about CEFR language levels

“I have a B2 level in English and an A1 level in Spanish, what about you?” Has the person you are talking to just started a game of linguistic warfare? No, he is simply telling […]

Learning literary or dialectal Arabic: making the right choice for the right start

There are an estimated 375 million native Arabic speakers in the world, according to an article by the University of Birmingham (1). But did you know that there isn’t only one Arabic language? It is […]

How do e-learning language courses work?

Would you like to learn a language but are unable to go to a training centre? If so, you might be interested to know that there are many distance language learning courses available. E-learning is […]

Is an A2 level good enough for online language training?

If you cannot travel to a training centre but would like to learn a language, then distance learning is the right option for you. However, you might be wondering if your current level is good […]

Boost your professional English with these 4 tips!

Have you ever struggled to understand a client’s email, the terms of a contract or a conversation with one of your suppliers in English? Don’t worry, this is normal, even if you have a good […]

Why practise a foreign language every day… and how to do it (well)?

If you are a regular reader of the 1to1PROGRESS blog, you know that we consider regularity to be one of the keys to success in learning a language. But why is practising a language every […]