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The benefits of a bilingual brain

It used to be thought that we were born with all our brain cells and that they slowly degenerated throughout the course of our lives. We now know that new brain cells (neurons) can be […]

Improve your English with songs and music

Did you know that the perfect tool to make learning English fun is sitting right inside your smartphone? In addition to your regular lessons, you can start learning further through songs and music… anywhere, anytime […]

Did you know that your favourite actors can act as English trainers?

During your sessions with 1to1PROGRESS you are learning a whole new array of business related vocabulary, phrases and typical expressions. Why not turn to actors between your lessons to further improve? They can help you […]

Discover our latest product: the “Brit-tooth”!

Learn English with our revolutionary connected tooth Ever had a grudge against English and dreamt of finding a drastic way to master English perfectly and promptly? We have THE solution: “The Brit-Tooth”! Discover our Brit-Tooth: a wireless […]

How to differentiate British English from American English?

There is an old saying that Britain and America are “two nations divided by a common language.” Let’s look at some of the differences between British and American English! The vocabulary One of the most […]

Essential English idioms to sound like a native!

I read somewhere that a former British Education Secretary once said rather humorously:  “Idioms are pivotal in learning a second language but they generally put foreigners in a pickle!” – I could not help but […]