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Discover our latest product: the “Brit-tooth”!

Learn English with our revolutionary connected tooth Ever had a grudge against English and dreamt of finding a drastic way to master English perfectly and promptly? We have THE solution: “The Brit-Tooth”! Discover our Brit-Tooth: a wireless […]

How to differentiate British English from American English?

There is an old saying that Britain and America are “two nations divided by a common language.” Let’s look at some of the differences between British and American English! The vocabulary One of the most […]

Essential English idioms to sound like a native!

I read somewhere that a former British Education Secretary once said rather humorously:  “Idioms are pivotal in learning a second language but they generally put foreigners in a pickle!” – I could not help but […]

Binge watching benefits when learning a foreign language

Can you improve your language skills with binge watching? The phenomenon known as binge watching (the activity of watching several episodes of one show in a single sitting) is owed to the ever extending variety […]

Judgement about language proficiency

Judgement calls At a time when globalization and interactions between nations and people from various cultural backgrounds is so high, we’ve become incredibly conscious of our language competencies and how we may appear to the […]

The twisted truth behind accents and language proficiency

Myths about accents and language proficiency For as long as anyone can remember, there’s always been a misconception that if you have an accent that is not “globally recognized” (i.e American or British) you can’t […]